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Unleashing Potential with the Six Bricks Learning System

by Andrew Waite 27 Oct 2023

Childhood education is a dynamic field, constantly adapting and innovating to better serve the developmental needs of children. One such innovative tool reshaping the educational landscape is the Six Bricks Learning System. Developed by the LEGO Foundation, Six Bricks leverages the universal appeal of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks to create a hands-on learning experience. This program facilitates the development of essential skills through engaging and enjoyable activities.

What is the Six Bricks Learning System?

Six Bricks is a unique pedagogical tool designed to transform the learning experience for children. The system uses six vibrantly coloured DUPLO bricks for an array of fun, short activities tailored to various age groups and skill levels. The brilliance of Six Bricks lies in its flexibility. The activities can be customised to match children’s individual abilities, interests, and educational requirements, encouraging them to engage fully and enthusiastically in the learning process.

Nurturing Core Skills with Six Bricks

The Six Bricks Learning System targets three fundamental areas: language development, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Language Development: Six Bricks activities encourage children to express themselves more clearly and coherently. Through tasks requiring them to give instructions, explain their reasoning, describe objects or scenarios, and share stories, children bolster their communication skills and learn to articulate their thoughts more effectively.

Problem-Solving: The system develops problem-solving skills through tasks that require focus, memory, goal setting, creativity, and reflection. Children learn to plan and strategise, cultivating critical thinking abilities that will serve them well in all aspects of life. The challenges also inspire children to think outside the box, fostering innovative thinking.

Collaboration: Six Bricks activities often involve team or pair work. This collaborative approach encourages children to share, learn from each other, distribute roles and responsibilities, and work towards a common goal. Through such group tasks, children develop social skills and learn the value of teamwork and mutual respect.

Implementing the Six Bricks Learning System

Implementing the Six Bricks Learning System is straightforward. Each participant, whether a child or an adult, requires a set of six DUPLO bricks. There are no hard and fast rules for when or how often to conduct the activities. The beauty of Six Bricks is that it can be woven seamlessly into the fabric of the daily routine.

If you're using Six Bricks with a group of children, you might start with some of the simpler activities outlined in the "Discover Six Bricks" and "Brick Breaks" sections of the Six Bricks booklet. These are designed to familiarise children with the bricks and the nature of the tasks. Once the children are comfortable with the bricks and the format of the activities, you can graduate to the more challenging "Games" and "Team Challenges".

The Six Bricks booklet offers a repertoire of 25 activity ideas suitable for up to fifty children, making it an adaptable tool for various learning environments. It's a rich resource for teachers, parents, and caregivers to integrate learning with play and creativity.

The Value of Six Bricks

The value of the Six Bricks Learning System lies in its simplicity and versatility. Using just six DUPLO bricks, children can learn, grow, and discover in a supportive, enjoyable environment. The system fosters a love for learning, driving children to challenge themselves and reach their potential.

Six Bricks is more than just a tool for teaching children; it's a catalyst for igniting curiosity, building resilience, and nurturing critical thinking. By incorporating this learning system, we can transform the educational experience for our children, making it more engaging, fulfilling, and, above all, fun.

In conclusion, the Six Bricks Learning System presents a compelling approach to early childhood education, underlining the power of simple, play-based learning tools. As we continue to explore new ways of equipping our children for a rapidly evolving world, innovative, adaptable, and effective learning systems like Six Bricks will undoubtedly play a pivotal role.

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